Meet the newest
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Bob Harper can’t wait to start working with you. With years of expertise, insights, and his proven track record for achieving results, Bob shares what he loves most about NEOU, and how he will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Bob Harper’s Fitness Starter Pack

If you’re new to fitness, we know getting started can be the hardest part. Bob shares his top picks for
beginner-friendly workouts guaranteed to get you one step closer to your fitness loss goals.

  • Toning/Sculpting With Joseph D.

    Joseph brings his own fun and flair to this class - rest/dance breaks included!

  • Bootcamp/HIT With Cameron Dean

    Cameron has great coaching and modifications for every fitness level.

  • Dance With Haley Stone

    Let loose and have fun! Dance with Haley for great energy and instruction.

  • Bootcamp/HIT With Hancock

    Hancock is very informative and with you every step of the way.

  • Yoga With J Elissa Marshall

    Turn up your practice and stretch it out with this yoga flow.

  • Bootcamp/HIT With Christi Marraccini

    Join Christi for a bootcamp class filled with high energy and high intensity!

  • Bootcamp/HIT With Cameron Dean

    This class is a great intro to bootcamp workout.

  • Cardio Kickboxing With Eliza Shirazi

    Eliza will challenge you but you will succeed!

  • Bootcamp/HIT With Amber Rees & Lindsey Clayton

    Dynamic duo! Amber and Lindsey give you all the details so you can crush your workout.

  • Dance With Jacey Lambros

    Throw it back and get ready to have fun. This step class is all about the good times!

  • Cardio Kickboxing With Eliza Shirazi

    Love Eliza's energy in this cardio kickboxing class.

  • Dance With Cristin VanHorn

    Jane DO has you covered with this fun and easy-to-follow class!

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“I’m so excited to be working with NEOU. I’m going to bring you all of my expertise, my dedication, and my devotion to fitness. All you need to do is meet me halfway and I promise I’ll do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.”

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